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Tong Torque System

Product Detail


    Tong Torque System

    Technical Features

    The systems accurately indicates torque applied to oilfield tubulars as they are run thereby reducing under and over torquing, which can cause tubular failure. Each system consists of a hydraulic load cell (tension or compression type), shackles (on tension type models),Hose assembly, 6" fluid filled gauge with damper assembly and recharge kit consisting of hand pump and 1 Liter of All Weather Instrument Fluid. The two main types of Tong Torque Systems are: Tong Line Pull and Tong Torque.

    Tong Torque system indicators torque in foot pounds applied to each joint when using power tongs to run oilfield tubulars. These systems are available for all makes and models of power tongs and come with either compression or tension type load cells that provide an accurate check of makeup torque for all oilfield tubulars.


    l   Systems designed and build for the rugged requirements of the oil filled.

    l   Load cell's are designed to ensure a long service life with minimum maintenance.

    l   6"Fluid filled gauge has years of proven reliability and ease of maintenance.

    l   Target pointer on gauge helps operator maintain accurate torque

    l   English, Metric or dual scale dials are available

    l   Tension or compression load cells are available for all power tonngs.


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