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Mud Volume Monitor

Product Detail

    Mud Volume Monitor

    Mud volume monitor consists of sensors, LCD displayer, PC cable and fittings. The system monitors mud volume, total volume, gain/loss of up to 12 mud pits and 2 mud tanks. It makes alarm when the data beyond the preset up/low limits. It can judge abnormal conditions of kick and loss.

    The system displays data on LCD displayer in driller’s cabin and on PC in engineer’s room. The PC also can restore process and print data.




    1. Data error:±1%

    2. Power source: 185-285VAC, 47-63Hz

    3. Safety degree (Sensor and LCD displayer): IP65

    4. Ambient conditions (Sensor and LCD displayer):

    Ambient temperature: -20~55 Humidity: 98%

    Accelerating: 29.4m/s2

    Electromagnetic disturb: It can endure all electromagnetic disturb at well site, especially the interference of frequency converter.

    Salt fog: It can endure the corrosion of the marine atmosphere and seawater.

    Atmospheric pressure:513mmHg


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